Tune into peace through the alchemy of sound healing.

Experience deep relaxation, stress relief and holistic wellbeing.


Caroline Flavin is a qualified and professional sound healer with twenty years’ experience in the holistic world, delivering high quality bespoke sound healing sessions using a unique combination of quartz singing bowls, Acutonics Tuning Forks® and Aura-Soma Colour, to bring effortless relaxation to clients and facilitating various relaxation and meditation circles and classes in private, public, community, school and corporate environments.

Experience deep relaxation, stress relief and holistic wellbeing with Caroline.

Caroline Flavin appearing on Ireland AM, 2024


Sound Bath

Imagine being “bathed” by soothing sounds that take you on an inner journey of deep relaxation and transformation. An easy way to meditate.


alchemy of sound tune into peace

Sound Healing 1-1

A session tailored to your needs from a holistic perspective: taking into account your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.


alchemy of sound sound healing

Courses & Classes

Caroline facilitates classes & courses combining participant self-reflection, guided meditation, Aura-Soma Colour and Sound Healing.


“I was dealing with anxiety and stress. Caroline was very professional, intuitive and her energy is so positive and peaceful! Her energy and serenity made my sessions peaceful. I felt like my stress was getting gently washed away. I now feel more calm and clear about what I have to do next”

– Lenis

“The quality of my sleep improved a lot! I felt that I could keep my energy balanced way longer after the sessions. The affirmations and mantras that were given as an exercise, have been helping me to overcome difficulties in my communication process.”

– Danieli

Caroline is a gifted intuitive sound therapist and I do not say this lightly…
After two hard-hitting injuries to my right arm (elbow and wrist), into the second week when the pain became localized in my wrist and little or no flexibility, Caroline did a sound healing session on my wrist and full flexibility was restored with no pain within 24 hours.
Aside of this, the healing sessions are beyond words. The closest I can find are a bath in bliss!

– Helen

“I experienced an integration on an energetic and visceral level. These sessions have invited a gentle release of suppressed memories and emotions and supported my journey of healing long-held trauma.”

– Mary

I feel so light today and definitely feel a huge shift in my body since the sound session like you wouldn’t believe. I have no leg pain since and am walking each day too. Thank You Caroline for all the information and thank you so much again.”


“I highly recommend a sound healing session by Caroline. I had a couple of sessions recently and I can honestly say it’s one of the most relaxing treatments I’ve ever had. Caroline uses voice, sounds, vibrations and Aura-Soma in her treatments, and made me feel like I’d had 8 hours’ sleep! Really incredible. She is a true professional and creates a gorgeous, warm and relaxing atmosphere for you. This would be the perfect gift for you or someone you love. Highly recommended – 5 Stars!”


I have had such an amazing journey with Caroline over the past 4 weeks. When I went to her I was heartbroken and hurt. And today during our last session I had a strong understanding of how… it was up to myself to see the best in me, and give myself the love I was always craving… I felt a sense of peace, wholeness and connection with the universe. Caroline was extremely professional from the first time we met, always followed up with materials she thought would be of help and during the sessions I could feel her doing her very best to help me in whatever way she could. I am so happy and grateful to have met her. Thank You Caroline.”

– Angela

“Caroline held the most profound sacred healing space for me to step into. I experienced being seen and honoured as the highest expression of myself. Blocks to this expression melted away during my sound healing sessions with Caroline. As a result of these sessions I remember who I AM. Thank you Caroline.”

– Dee

“My changing needs and energy were met through sound and a graceful, nurturing holding of space which has allowed me to move deeper into my healing journey. The empathic awareness coupled with the sensitivity and skill with which Caroline creates a harmony of sounds, affects such deep healing connection which I can only describe as a symphony of body and soul – absolutely divine.”


“I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone wanting to experience the beauty, magic and deep relaxation of a sound healing session. The level of relaxation I experienced is beyond compare. Caroline worked very gently and reassuringly. She knew exactly what I needed and acted accordingly.”

– Karen

“At the time I came across Caroline’s information I was looking for a deep healing treatment which involved limited touch (due to ongoing pain & illness at that time). I found Caroline to be a warm, gentle and very intuitive person, with a great understanding of what my body needed. I was surprised at how deeply I felt the sound vibrations and at how peaceful I felt after every single session.

I found that my sense of wellbeing increased and I also found the many extra tips and guidance that Caroline provided to me of great benefit in my life in general. Having had various alternative treatments in the past including acupuncture, massage, reflexology, I found that this type of healing with sound suits me at this point in time and I would recommend it to anybody in need of rebalancing.”


“I achieved deep relaxation and guidance on some life issues that were invaluable.”

– Sharon

“Caroline is the BEST sound healer professional there is in Ireland. I had an opportunity to be in her sound baths class with other women, we all were in amazement of the transformation, relief and healing we experienced there. We all came back every week. I also had an individual sound healing session with Caroline and it was beautiful. I am so looking forward Caroline opening her own sound healing school so she can properly educate people in sound healing phenomena. Totally recommending this healer to you!”

– Marta

“Your sound bath was really amazing. The crystal bowls were absolutely beautiful to listen to & it helped me to go deeper into my relaxation & your voice was just WOW Absolutely Magical…it really filled the room & helped with the vibrational sounds of everything. It was just so beautiful to experience, my whole body was tingling with the vibrations of the bowls. ️Thank you so much again, I will definitely be back soon.

– Karen

“I loved the service, experience, quality, joy and peace I felt during and after treatment. The tuning forks, bowls, and Aura-Soma are a unique combination like the facilitator herself. I felt enveloped in a soft, comfortable, joyous loving environment.”

– Jakki

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