Spiritual Paintings for Meditation Spaces

How would you like to have a vibrant painting in your room that lights up space and emits a beautiful peace? I create unique paintings for your home or therapy room that can uplift your space and bring light to your family, visitors, or clients. I raise the vibration of the paint by infusing it with holy well water, sacred ash or Aura-Soma products (made of colour, crystalline and plant energies). Or the paint can be further energized by playing the clear quartz singing bowls over it as the properties of clear quartz is to amplify intentions. So your special intentions can be imbued into the paint itself.

My inspiration includes sacred geometry, forms in Nature, mandalas, yantras, Japanese design, quantum physics…. Being a qualified Aura-Soma colour practitioner and having studied colour, light and consciousness for over twenty years, I love bright and vibrant colours.

I admire ancient cultures who created everyday things with prayerful intention. I think here of Tibetan hand-painted mandalas which are used as a tool for re-consecrating the earth and its inhabitants. Or the hand-made textiles of the Peruvian Amazon Shipibo people which are intentionally sung with the power of the song it represents.

The themes and motifs of my work are expressions of life force energy; the descent of Soul into human flesh; the moment of conception, the meeting of the masculine and feminine, the life-giving womb and its ability to receive the light of the masculine; flowers; creativity.

My work is informed by a year of Foundation Studies at Cork Crawford College of Art and Design, life-drawing classes, metaphysics, study with Alex & Allyson Grey and studies of AURA-SOMA® colour.

Caroline Flavin Spiritual Art for Meditation Spaces


Birth – SOLD

Based on a sketch completed after a shamanic guided meditation at Alex Grey’s workshop. My sense was of the womb being a chalice of light, containing eternity and of it being the Cosmic Universe itself. Also a sense of when the inner sword (inner masculine) is embodied then this will lead to a holy uniting of the masculine and feminine within, and the illumination of the Holy Spirit. The egg represents the potential of the soul. Another interpretation might be that it conveys the birth of the golden self from inside oneself or from the sacred blood of the feminine.

Caroline Flavin Spiritual Art for Meditation Spaces


Caroline Flavin Spiritual Art for Meditation Spaces



Medium: Acrylic on deep-edged canvas, infused with Amma’s sacred Vibuthi ash.
40” x 30” (1016 mm x 762 mm)
This painting is a simplified Shri Yantra* consisting of downward pointing yoni triangles (shakti: female principle of divine energy), and upward pointing fire triangles (shiva: the masculine principle). It is of an expression of the balance between the soft, receptive, nurturing feminine energies- the pink blossomed flowers, and the outgoing, sword-like, yellow, masculine energies. Having lived in Japan for four years, I was also influenced by the Sword and the Flower, which reflects the same male-female principles. The blue jewel in the centre I see as the eye of the soul- the conscious knowing or awareness of the Soul. The colours are very vibrant, which, together with the sacred ash in the paint itself, I intended to be healing and uplifting for the viewer.

A Yantra is a geometric design acting as a highly efficient tool for contemplation, concentration and meditation. Yantras carry spiritual significance, and point the user to higher levels of consciousness.

Caroline Flavin Spiritual Art for Meditation Spaces

Lightheart Union Alchemy


Medium: Acrylic paint infused with sacred Vibuthi ash from Amma. Also called the ‘hugging saint’, Amma (or Mother), is known for her selfless love and compassion toward all beings. Vibuthi ash is used during puja, a form of ritualistic worship which is performed to purify the mind and express devotion.

Size:  40” x 30” (1016 mm x 762 mm)

Veils of the fleshy heart pierced
Effulgent radiance
The deeper the wound
The brighter the Light
Divine Masculine
Divine Feminine
Chromatographic Spectrum
of forms and experience

‘The wound is the place where the Light enters you’ – Rumi

Caroline Flavin Spiritual Art for Meditation Spaces

Kundalini Rising


Medium: Acrylic on deep- edged canvas, infused with Amma’s sacred Vibuthi ash

Size: 40” x 30” (1016 mm x 762 mm)

Description: In-spired during a friend’s Kundalini Yoga class, this painting is about re-uniting the male and female aspects of ourselves and the planet and depicts Kundalini energy rising through the chakras.

What Clients Say



Wonderful artwork, beautiful energy and a very meaningful picture; it’s so pure.

I loved it the minute I saw it! It was sold but two years later found its way back to me!

I am so happy and so grateful to Caroline for this beautiful image, which is proudly hanging in my healing space over my altar.  Many miracles are happening every day since I hung it! Blessed to have it; it’s my most treasured possession. It takes pride of place in my therapy room.

– Christine Mulvihill, Christine Mulvihill Academy, Cork

Lightheart Union Alchemy

“I bought this fabulous piece of art titled ‘Lightheart Union Alchemy’ from Caroline. I literally stumbled upon it on one of my many visits to Dervish, Dublin. It stopped me in my tracks, called silently to me on a heart level, a soul whisper if you will. I had no idea how much it cost I just knew that I had to have it. It turned out that Caroline had this well priced painting on sale that faithful day, and so the deal was sealed.

Its new home is in my own therapy room here at Holistic Health Care, Laois. It gently but powerfully helps to hold space while emitting subtle yet boundless healing hugs from ‘Amma’.

Caroline has captured magnificently all the layers, that we must acknowledge, heal and release on our journey. This piece speaks of heart healing, and creates passage for us to consciously allow the light of Divinity enter to enable us mend all that has been before and has yet to come. It reminds us of the importance of achieving balance and shining our own inner light vibration, trusting that it has reached the cosmos and beyond.

Choosing Love we can mend anything ♥”

– Joan Mccabe, Holistic Health Care, Laois

Kundalini Rising

“Caroline gifted myself and my husband a stunning piece of art just after we were married but it was a piece she had worked on just before we married or conceived our first child, with us in mind. This piece of art has been the cornerstone in both houses we have had since then, bringing brightness and love to our walls. I even matched the colour of the walls to her art piece so it would be at home with us!

To me it speaks of the journey the soul makes from another realm as spirit form and the process it needs to go through to transform into a body here in this physical dimension. How the earth holds us as souls and supports our journeying at every corner. There is earth and fire and spirit and water and so many of the elements present here aswell. And it has such a personal feel as it was designed for me and my family becoming. All the creations we make as souls on earth, all the transformations we have even in one lifetime, the family units and cultures we create. It has potency and spark in it that says all this to me. The kundalini, the consciousness and awareness rising speaks through this piece.

We are so happy Caroline created this painting!”

–  Suzie Cornally, Homeopath & Kundalini Yoga Teacher, West Cork