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I work with the frequencies of sound to help you bring your body to a gentle, relaxed state, your mind to a place of peace and your soul to a place of wholeness. Soothing sounds of clear quartz crystal and Tibetan singing bowls take you on a journey of relaxation, facilitating a shift in brainwaves to states similar to meditation where deep peace and healing can occur. Sound healing is wonderful for stress relief, deep relaxation, inner peace and holistic wellbeing.


Sound Healing 1-1

A session tailored to your needs from a holistic perspective: taking into account your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

Sound Bath Events

Imagine being “bathed” by soothing sounds that take you on an inner journey of deep relaxation and transformation.


Caroline facilitates classes & courses combining participant self-reflection, guided meditation, Aura-Soma Colour and sound healing.


Harnessing the vibrational powers of Mother Nature, Aura‑Soma is a system of colour, plant and crystal energies that enhance happiness and vitality.



Unique, high vibrational paintings infused with holy well water, sacred ash or Aura-Soma products (made of colour, crystalline and plant energies) to uplift your space.


Caroline is working on her first compilation of poems inspired by the beauty of nature, energetic forces, Celtic myths, and Rumi.


A singer of blues and jazz, also a singing channel for the voice of Spirit, Caroline collaborates musically with musicians and therapists.

Over the last 20 years, I have been primarily working with the Aura-Soma system of colour and light consciousness in 1-1s and in groups, helping people to connect with the lessons, beauty, and deeper meaning of their soul’s journey. Now my work is focussed more on working with the vibrations of sound to help people find inner peace. I have found that sound is a very immediate and accessible way for us to drop our stories, daily life worries and preoccupations and to settle deeply into a state of peace. This state is a very conducive place for the body to relax and heal. In the busy society that we live in, what better way to quieten the chatter of the busy mind, and train ourselves to listen to the voice of our soul and spirit, than to tune into peace?

What Clients Say

“My changing needs and energy were met through sound and a graceful, nurturing holding of space which has allowed me to move deeper into my healing journey. The empathic awareness coupled with the sensitivity and skill with which Caroline creates a harmony of sounds, affects such deep healing connection which I can only describe as a symphony of body and soul – absolutely divine.”

Valerie, Dublin

“I was dealing with anxiety and stress. Caroline was very professional, intuitive and her energy is so positive and peaceful! Her energy and serenity made my sessions peaceful. I felt like my stress was getting gently washed away. I now feel more calm and clear about what I have to do next”

– Lenis, Dublin

“The quality of my sleep improved a lot! I felt that I could keep my energy balanced way longer after the sessions. The affirmations and mantras that were given as an exercise, have been helping me to overcome difficulties in my communication process.”

– Dan, Dublin

“Caroline held the most profound sacred healing space for me to step into. I experienced being seen and honoured as the highest expression of myself. Blocks to this expression melted away during my sound healing sessions with Caroline. As a result of these sessions I remember who I AM. Thank you Caroline.”

– Deirdre, Dublin

Caroline is a gifted intuitive sound therapist and I do not say this lightly…
After two hard-hitting injuries to my right arm (elbow and wrist), into the second week when the pain became localized in my wrist and little or no flexibility, Caroline did a sound healing session on my wrist and full flexibility was restored with no pain within 24 hours.
Aside of this, the healing sessions are beyond words. The closest I can find are a bath in bliss!

– Helen, Dublin

“I experienced an integration on an energetic and visceral level. These sessions have invited a gentle release of suppressed memories and emotions and supported my journey of healing long-held trauma.”

– Mary, Dublin

“I achieved deep relaxation and guidance on some life issues that were invaluable.”

– Sharon, Dublin

“I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone wanting to experience the beauty, magic and deep relaxation of a sound healing session. The level of relaxation I experienced is beyond compare. Caroline worked very gently and reassuringly. She knew exactly what I needed and acted accordingly.”

– Karen, Dublin

“For anybody curious to explore the power of sound healing therapy, Caroline is an amazingly gifted teacher and guide. I am grateful to have started with Caroline to explore this type of therapy. Her expertise and the diversity she brings in sessions makes the experience exciting and unique each time. For my birthday celebration I invited Caroline to hold a sound bath ceremony for me and my friends. It was amazing to hear how insightful the session went for them and how much awareness it created in their personal space and state of being through the magic of sound. It is my hope more people will reach and engage with sound therapy.”

– Iuliana

“What Caroline is able to create during the sound bath is magical, the energy she create bring me to another dimension my body swing with the notes of the bowls and her voice. Every time a different experience. Higly recommended. Thank you for your gift.”

– Luisa

“I know Caroline from one to one sound healing session and sound baths. All i can tell is that She is such a powerful and gifted healer and she anticipates your needs befor you even open your mouth , every session is different and amazing. She can easily make you go in that meditative and relaxing state so you can fully enjoy the experience. I’m so lucky that I had the opportunity to meet her and to participate on her sound healing sessions , now they are part of my routine . I highly encourage everyone to give it a try, for sure they will not regret it. Thank you Caroline for your dedication and for everything that you do for us! Blessings”

– Andrada

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